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Gerrie Smit

Owner and Founder of Rife Health, the licensed Rife Resonator machine for ultra-low resonance healing.

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The Home of the Rife Wave Resonators

Natural, Workable, Healing Technology

View our range of products that offer you affordable solutions for a multitude of ailments & diseases - that you can apply to yourself, and your loved ones.
Low Frequency Resolution Therapy

Welcome to Rife Health

Are you suffering from any of the following ailments or diseases and cannot find a cure or relieve from conventional medicine? - Arthritis / Cancer / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Chronic Pain / Chronic Fatigue / Circulatory Problems / Depression / Diabetes / Gum diseases / Immune disorders / Infections / Inflammation / Lyme's disease / Malaria / Muscle spasms / Parasites / Respiratory problems such as with Covid-19 complications / Skin Complaints /Solar Plexus problems / Sport injury recovering / Wound Healing problems ?
You are at the Right Place
  • No side-effects
  • Easy to operate
  • Save on expensive medical expenses
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Heal yourself
About Rife Resonators

Why choose Rife Health?

Leading the way since 1999, we are the trusted name in Rife resonators in South Africa. From developing new designs and improving the technology within, networking with others in the 'real' Rife communities, bringing only the highest quality - in both product components, design, service & support - enabling Practitioners and users alike to get the most from their Rife wave resonator devices.

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Targeting pathogens with low frequency resonance

22 Years

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