Cape Town Rife Workshop

Saturday 30 September

8:30 Registration
9:00 to 13:00 Workshop
Cost per person: R400, Includes snacks and manuals
8:30 Registration with coffee and tea
11:00 Tea break

Venue: Protea Hotel Mowbray, Liesbeek Avenue, Off Liesbeek Pkwy, Cape Town, 7925

Resonance (Rife) Therapy Workshop

by Gerrie Smit:
  • Some of the questions that will be addressed:
  • How can one benefit from resonance therapy?
  • What are the principles of resonance therapy?
  • Which microorganisms cause what ailments?
  • How many treatments per day?
  • What to treat?
  • Finding the correct treatment?
  • What do words like dwelling and sweeps mean?
  • Healthpad or hand electrodes?
  • How does ozone therapy complement Resonance therapy?
…and most importantly YOUR questions will be answered. Please click on this button below to book attendance
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